Published on 2001-10-15 by John Collins.

What is TechLeader.pro?

My name is John Collins, and I am an experienced leader of software engineering teams. My career followed the following path over the past twenty years:

Computer Science graduate -> Software Engineer -> Senior Software Engineer -> Team Lead -> Engineering Manager -> VP of Engineering

I use this site to publish articles about technology, leadership, and business related material, since early 2001 (back then the site had a different name).

I am the developer of the Alpha Framework for PHP, which I also write about here. I use that framework to practice my coding, so that I do not lose those skills now that I am "management".

I am firmly apolitical, so will never post about politics. Lately I am trying to adopt a Stoic outlook on life, so may occasional post about that philosophy, from my beginner perspective.

When I was younger and care free, I done a lot of hiking hence the profile picture. These days my journeys are less literal.

Finally, you can follow me on Twitter if you wish (I am trying to be more active there, but have mixed feelings about that platform).