Published on 2001-10-15 by John Collins. Socials: YouTube - X - Spotify - Amazon Music - Apple Podcast

What is TechLeader.pro?

My name is John Collins, and I am an experienced leader of software engineering teams. I use this site to publish articles about technology, leadership, and business related material, since early 2001 (back then the site had a different name).

I am the developer of the Alpha Framework for PHP, which I also write about here. I use that framework to practice my coding, so that I do not lose those skills now that I am "management".

I am firmly apolitical, so will never post about politics. Lately I am trying to adopt a Stoic outlook on life, so may occasional post about that philosophy, from my beginner perspective.

If you wish, you can follow me on Twitter (I am trying to be more active there, but have mixed feelings about that platform). I also have a podcast where I share my thoughts on leadership.

Web projects

Periodically, I launch small services onto the web because it amuses me. Here are some examples:

greppr.org - I grew tired of the ad-driven, spam-infested web search engines that we have to use today, so decided to build my own, hence greppr was born.

Five.Today - get your five most important tasks completed each day, track your progress, and journal your thoughts. All on a platform that is private and secure. I use this app daily, it keeps me sane. Use it and thank me later.

DailyStoicQuote.com - displays a different quote each day, on Stoicism from famous Stoic masters. Visit each day for a bit of thoughtful inspiration.

DaysBeforeChristmas.com - a simple countdown clock showing the remaining time before the next Christmas Day. You're welcome.

ThisWeekNumber.com - a simple website that displays the current week number of the current year.

Shatner.pics - displays a picture of William Shatner, in Captain Kirk guise, to match the mood parameter provided. This may be my greatest work to date.

There will be more to come, so be ready.