Tech Leader Pro podcast 2023 week 22, greppr has launched

Published on 2023-06-02 by John Collins.

2nd June 2023


  1. Limited to basic search: no time ranges, sorting, or spell checking implemented yet.
  2. Limited to approximately 1 million documents. That will grow.
  3. Limited to just text results, so no multi-media like images or videos. That is a design decision and is in-keeping with the "back to basics" ethos of greppr.
  4. For multi-media search, there is already Google and I don't have the time or resources to replicate that scale.
  5. So yes, this is a niche product with niche appeal to people who value their privacy, do not want to have their search results packed full of ads, filtered by AI, or have their search history tracked to an overall account: there are no accounts on greppr.
  6. I control the seed list, and that is likely to remain true to protect search results quality.
  7. The seed list is a list of high-quality websites that are accessed firstly by the index, and then the links on those sites are followed.
  8. You cannot submit a website to the index yet, the only way is via the seed list which is private. Again, that may remain the case indefinitely to prevent spam or otherwise low-quality results.
  9. The emphasis is on quality, not quantity.
  10. Please give me your feedback and feature requests!
  11. What I am working on this week:
    • Apart from greppr, I also fixed a bug on that restricted a user to only using alpha-numeric passwords: now you can use special characters in your password, which is obviously better for security.
  12. Media I am enjoying this week:
    • "Silo" on Apple+
    • "Succession" conclusion.
    • Currently reading: "Dune Messiah" by Frank Herbert, and "A Case of Conscience" by James Blish.


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