Tech Leader Pro podcast 2023 week 19, web search as ten blue links

Published on 2023-05-12 by John Collins.

12th May 2023


  1. The Wall Street Journal: "Google Plans to Make Search More ‘Personal’ with AI Chat and Video Clips" -
  2. Google are clearly moving away from the "ten blue links" model that gave them dominance. "“More than answers, we’ll help you when there’s no right answer,” Google executives said in the documents."
  3. I love AI, but don't trust an algorithm to filter my search for knowledge.
  4. This is why I am building my own search engine, that contains none of this.
  5. "Google is shifting the way it presents search results to incorporate conversations with artificial intelligence, along with more short video and social-media posts, a departure from the list of website results that has made it the dominant search engine for decades."
  6. That's a big bet from Google, similar to Facebook's Metaverse bet in scale. I wish them well with it, but this end user wants no part of that user experience.
  7. "Google search visitors might be more frequently prompted to ask follow-up questions or swipe through visuals such as TikTok videos in response to their queries."
  8. I suspect in the future, the public Internet may be smaller than we have today, as more content moves into subscriber silos.
  9. What are I building this week:
    • Greater than 800k web pages in my index now.
    • It's a personal preference, but I seem to get better search results by giving more weight to the page title, then the host (domain name), then the full URL, and finally the main body of content.
    • I am writing a script for my next leadership podcast, "On working with recruiters", which will also be in this feed in the coming weeks.
  10. Media I am enjoying this week:
    • "Silo" on Apple+
    • Currently reading: "Dune Messiah" by Frank Herbert, and "A Case of Conscience" by James Blish.


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