Alpha Framework 2.0.4 Released

Published on 2017-01-02 by John Collins.

Version 2.0.4 of the Alpha Framework has just been released, please check the documentation page for details on how to consume it via Composer.

The main focus of this release has been on performance fixes, please view the changelog for further details.

Looking to Alpha 3.0.0

My intention was that Alpha version 2.0.4 would be compatible with PHP 7 to avail of the massive performance increases with the new run-time, but unfortunately this was not possible as I would have to introduce backwards-compatibility breaking changes, namely renaming the core type String class to something else due to "string" now being a reserved word in PHP name spaces.

The next release of Alpha will therefore be version 3.0.0 to reflect this breaking change, and that version will require PHP 7, and will rename the Alpha\Model\Type\String class to Alpha\Model\Type\SmallText. A full list of the planned improvements in the 3.0.0 release is available on Github.