Review of the Fisher Bullet Space Pen

Published on 2015-06-13 by John Collins.


Until very recently, I was using felt-tip pens to keep notes in my Moleskine notebooks. I never attend a meeting without a notebook and pen, and use the same tools to capture my thoughts, do design work, and writing drafts of my blog posts. Taking notes by hand is a big part of my life.

"Taking notes by hand is a big part of my life."

I had a number of problems with my set-up however. The ink from the Staedtler felt-tip pens I was using was bleeding through the paper of my Moleskine notebooks (I like to use the Folio Professional variants). In addition, the ink was not drying quickly enough, resulting in smudges when I closed the notebook too quickly after writing. I needed a better solution, and after a lot of online research I decided to try the Bullet Space Pen from Fisher.

Space Pen

The Space Pens use a pressurized ink cartridge that pushes the ink out rather than relying on gravity, hence the pens can be used to write at any angle, including in zero gravity.

Bullet Space Pen

The Bullet Space Pen is a tiny variant from Fisher, that when closed is much smaller than a typical pen. When you remove the cap and place it on the end of the pen, the pen forms a normal length.

"This is definitely not a cheap feeling pen."

The pen is comfortable to hold, and it has a nice weight and balance. This is definitely not a cheap feeling pen. Ink is distributed evenly, while the cartridges last a very long time.

One issue I have with the pen is that it has a high propensity to get lost: if you place it on a flat surface, it will start to roll right away, while it is so small when closed it is easy to lose, especially being matte black.

Otherwise I love this pen. It looks cool, is very practical, and it does not bleed through my Moleskine pages like my previous pens did. I will be buying a second one soon in case I ever lose my primary pen.