Ten years old today

Published on 2011-10-15 by John Collins.

This website turns ten years old today. I am pretty happy with that figure, considering that this site was launched back in October 2001 as a personal project for me to learn about web design and web application development techniques.

When I am asked to describe what this website it about, I tell people is a kind of technical blog, but in reality when I launched the site the word blog (or web log to give it it's full title), was not in common use, at least not that I was aware of. Actually, this website was originally intended to be a home site for a web design firm here in Ireland that never happened (hence the name "Design-Ireland.net"), but somehow I decided to stick with this domain even though it no longer makes sense.

To see what this site looked like in the past, we can use the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive project:

Wayback Machine - Design-Ireland.net

There are no captures in there from 2001, but you can see what the site looked like from the summer of 2002 onwards. Actually it seems pretty broken on the Wayback Machine up until 2006, with lots of missing images and scripts (I was doing some pretty funky DHTML back then). But I still find it fun to look at.

To put things into perspective, let's look at the lineage of some well-known websites:

So while there are many sites out there that are older than ten years old, there are much more that are less so. Looking back briefly at the pre-millennium Internet now, it just looks weird to me. It reminds me of using dial-up modems to access the Internet to do some research from a public library in Dublin, because I did not have a computer of my own back then (well, except for an Amiga 600).

Here's to the next ten years of Design-Ireland.net.

Updated 2022 : note that the above post was originally published in 2011, but is left here for archival purposes. Design-Ireland.net was the original URL for this website, and it has gone through a number of rebrands over the past 21 years. How times flies!