HP TouchPad arriving in Ireland in July

Published on 2011-06-09 by John Collins.

HP have announced that the HP TouchPad, the first tablet device to run webOS which was originally developed by Palm, will be available here in Ireland in the first week of July. More details via Silicon Republic:

HP TouchPad will launch in Ireland during first week of July

I have been using webOS on a first generation Palm Pre for some two years now and love it, so I am very excited that it is finally being scaled up to a 1024x768 screen. I will wait for the 3G version however rather than the Wi-Fi only version being released in early July, as I want something that is truly mobile.

If you have not tried a webOS device yet, I would highly recommend it. It really has the best multi-tasking and overall usability of any mobile platform I have used, and I say that as someone who has used multiple RIM, Android and iOS devices.

You can find the official HP TouchPad product page here:

HP TouchPad - http://h41112.www4.hp.com/promo/webos/us/en/tablets/touchpad.html

Updated 2022 : note that the above post was originally published in 2011, but is left here for archival purposes. Sadly the HP TouchPad, and indeed webOS for mobile devices overall, is now dead, therefore I have unlinked the above broken links.