Avoiding the Privacy Apocalypse

Published on 2010-10-31 by John Collins.

In a brave and powerful presentation on data privacy delivered into the lion's den of Google, Simon Davies and Gus Hosein of Privacy International share their thoughts on data privacy violations around the World, and how in many cases western technology is enabling some very suspect practices. You can view the video presentation on YouTube's "Google Tech Talk" channel here:

Despite delivering the presentation at Google, they still attack Google's GMail application for mail content scanning (for which reason I've always refused to use it) towards the end of the presentation, which I think is very admirable of them. To learn more about Privacy International, you can visit their website here:

Privacy International

Updated 2022 : note that the above post was originally published in 2010, but is left here for archival purposes. I have embedded the correct video, and fixed the external link.