State of the MySQL Community

Published on 2010-10-18 by John Collins. Socials: YouTube - X - Spotify - Amazon Music - Apple Podcast

Kaj Arno (VP MySQL Community Relations at Sun Microsystems GmbH) talks about the current state of the MySQL community at the 2010 MySQL Conference. Considering the amount of upheaval following the buy out of MySQL AB by Sun Microsystems and subsequently Oracle swallowing Sun, the future is uncertain for this popular open source database. You can listen to the podcast here:

"State of the MySQL Community" -

Updated 2022 : note that the above post was originally published in 2010, but is left here for archival purposes. Sadly, the IT Conversations website is now offline and the above link is now dead, and has been unlinked. It was such a great show with some amazing episodes, it's sad to see the extensive back catalogue is apparently no longer online.