Sorry about the 404s

Published on 2006-12-05 by John Collins.

Since the new version has gone live yesterday, my 404 error logs have jumped through the roof! Apologies for the new URLs if you are linking to an article directly, but as you can imagine maintaining two copies of the same content, one in the old format and one in the new, simply was not a good option for me in terms of workload.

I was originally intending to withhold the update of the site until all of the old content was ported over, but in the end I decided to go ahead with the re-launch and add the outstanding content as time permits. Please bare with me during the coming months as I finish off porting the content, as well as adding new features to this site while fixing any bugs that crop up.

Finally, I hope you don't find the new Winter colour scheme too chilly! Don't worry things will brighten up in March 2007 when the Spring theme kicks into life ;-)

Updated 2020 : note that the above post is out-of-date, given this post was originally published in 2006, but is left here for archival purposes.