AlphaFramework Dot Org

Published on 2006-10-12 by John Collins.

I have launched a new website this week which I will use as the home site for the Alpha Web Framework, the MVC framework I have developed to use on the forthcoming version 5 of this site, as well as a number of other new projects I have planned. You can find the new site here (it is very basic right now, just an intro page):

I intend to add all of the high-level and API documentation for Alpha to that website when it is finished, as well as allowing people to download the framework code. Basically I am planning to open source the project, perhaps releasing it under the GPL Version 3 when that license comes out. To be honest I think the MVC web framework space is pretty saturated right now, so I am only releasing this framework as an exercise for me in running an open source project rather than trying to establish Alpha as being the number one PHP-based MVC framework. Hopefully someone will find the framework useful though ;-)

Updated 2021 : note that the above post is out-of-date, given this post was originally published in 2006, but is left here for archival purposes.