New Content and Upgrade

Published on 2006-06-22 by John Collins. Please follow me on Twitter for more: 

I know I had said previously that I would not be uploading any new content to this site until the upgrade was finished, but I could not resist adding the recent article with all of the talk about PHP web frameworks online these days.

On the topic of the upgrade, I have been working very hard on it recently and have been making real progress, in fact the main obstacle holding back the launch of Design-Ireland version 5.0 at this stage is the porting over of all of the site content to the new publishing system. While not a technically demanding task, this is a time consuming job which will take a few more weeks to complete.

Writing the framework for version 5.0 has been a difficult but rewarding experience, and once a solid base is in place I will start to build more advanced features on top of the framework, so expect version 5.1 to follow soon after the re-launch.