Delays delays

Published on 2006-03-07 by John Collins.

Progress is ongoing on the new version, however the time that I have available for this site has been severely limited lately by work commitments. I have removed the countdown from the site for the time being as I cannot give a firm date for the re-launch of this site, other than to say that it will happen within the next couple of months ;-)

I would like to thank everyone for their continued interest in this site, especially for everyone who has sent me an e-mail over the last few months, apologies once again for not responding to your technical queries; you will have a home for this questions after the new forum is finished I promise.

My plan now is to concentrate on the new publishing system and on porting over all of the site content to this new system for the initial release, and then to concentrate on adding the new features to the site such as the user commenting system and the forum, in an incremental manner over the coming months. Hopefully this will bring forward the go-live target, rather than waiting until every little feature is finished before doing the re-launch.

Will keep you posted, hopefully the next post will be on the new version!

Updated 2021 : note that the above post is out-of-date, given this post was originally published in 2006, but is left here for archival purposes.