On the verge of something

Published on 2005-11-29 by John Collins. Please follow me on Twitter for more: 

I am making real progress with the next version of this site at the moment, and have finished 85-90% of the work that is required on the new framework which will be supporting Design-Ireland version 5. This model-view-controller framework offers a tremendous opportunity for code reuse, which should enable me to concentrate on producing new content for Design-Ireland rather than having to upgrade and maintain the code for the site.

The framework will also have its own web publishing system, which will facilitate the rapid publication of new content, as well as making the modification of existing content a breeze. Alas all of the existing content will need to be ported over to this new publishing format, which will take some time.

I hope to re-launch the revamped site at the end of the year, towards the end of December. New content will be put on hold until the new site is finished, so unfortunately I have no new content to offer this month :-(

Stick with me until then, I will keep you posted.