Note to Firefox users

Published on 2005-02-23 by John Collins. Socials: YouTube - X - Spotify - Amazon Music - Apple Podcast

A number of Mozilla Firefox users have e-mailed in the last month to highlight some issues they are having with this site when viewing it with that browser. Presently I am snowed under while working on my dissertation, so non-content updates are on hold now until the summer. However, rest assured that full Firefox compatibility will be a key aim of the next revision of this web site. Firefox is an excellent browser, and more and more users are accessing this web site using it, hence the e-mails. Apologies for any difficulties experienced in the meantime, it will be sorted...

Updated 2021 : note that the above post is out-of-date, given this post was originally published in 2005, but is left here for archival purposes.